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we have received from our clients.

"I just finished my consultation with [VisaPro Attorney] and I must say that he was excellent and reassuring. He did find a couple of corrections that I needed to make so it was definitely well worth while paying for the service.

I will highly recommend your company should the occasion ever presents itself!

Thank you very much for your help and kindness."

Todd and Dali Edwards





"I want to take the time to express how happy I am that I used VISAPRO to answer my questions. As far as I am concerned, you guys are the best! You were easy to use, affordable, quick to respond and the whole transaction was conveniently transmitted via the Internet! Your immigration attorney not only understood the letter of the law regarding my issues, but its spirit as anyone. Thank you again VISAPRO!"


Republica Dominicana

"I viewed approximately a dozen websites while doing research on visas and found VisaPro to be one of the most clear, well designed and informative sites. I had not originally intended to seek email consultation, but after further review of the VisaPro site and testimonials, I felt confident that utilizing VisaPro would be a great value for money. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly and completely my questions were answered and would recommend VisaPro as a very cost-effective and helpful service."

Patrice Rousell

United Kingdom

"In todays world of 'grab the money and run', I cannot begin to describe how impressed I am with your follow-up email and data that was provided within. This for a customer who was already more than satisfied with the obvious effort that you put in to answering my 'online question / consultation' - which frankly I was expecting to be a dressed up cut and paste reply. In my view you had met your obligations, and done an excellent job."

So I literally had to read your 'breaking news' report on the I-864 D.O.S. cable a couple of times; I was that surprised. And by the way, it allows me to take a more simplified approach to the documents I was preparing - THANK YOU!!

I genuinely hope your prospective clients will read this and benefit from my positive experience."

Greg Roppo

United States

"I had a phone consultation with Visa Pro today. They answered all my questions, and thought carefully about my situation and offered solutions that are very attractive to me.

I have talked to very expensive lawyers in the past. As a matter of fact, I paid about $285 for a 30 minute call with another attorney earlier, but the results were depressing and I ended up being more uncertain then when I started the call.

With Visa Pro, it was a totally different experience. They not only answered my questions clearly, but offered two clear options. I do not exaggerate when I say, I felt empowered.

Phone consultations with Visa Pro are extremely affordable and very effective."



"I requested and was given a 30-minute phone consultation with one of your VisaPro attorneys. [VisaPro legal team] was extremely helpful and thorough in answering all questions that I had. I''m glad that [they were] available at the time to help me with the processing of the I-130 and G-325A forms, along with the related documents. The said consultation required more than 30 minutes, so I asked for, and was granted by [VisaPro legal team], a further 30 minutes of phone time. Later, I received a full written transcript/review of the phone consultation from [VisaPro legal team]. This far exceeded my expectations, and I''m thankful for it, because it is very helpful as a review of the information I needed.

I wish to thank [VisaPro legal team] for [their] time and for the valuable advice [they] gave me. I shall certainly ask for [VisaPro legal team] again the next time I call VisaPro, as I will need further assistance on the forthcoming K-3 visa procedures. I would also like to thank [VisaPro legal team], who assisted me over the phone the day earlier. [VisaPro legal team] was extremely helpful and courteous. I have no suggestions that can make you better, because your service was perfect for my needs. Therefore, I see no need for improvement of any kind."


United States

"I would like to thank VisaPro for the excellent service and advice they provided me. I was at a lose as to where to turn to find the answers I needed and VisaPro provided me with these. I really appreciated the quick service in terms of arranging an appointment time for me and the fact that I also received a followup email confirming all items discussed and recommendations VisaPro's lawyer gave me. I totally recommend this service to anyone looking for answers to their immigration questions. VisaPro is fast, efficient and pleasant to deal with."

Sharron S.


"I received some excellent advice on how my mother should apply for her visitor's visa after she got rejected once . Overall I thought Visa Pro is an excellent service, and I would definitely recommend this to all."

Vikram Karumbaiah

United States

"I got excellent advice and service from VisaPro. The lawyer was professional, highly qualified, communicated very well, and was very effective. She was able to answer all my queries authoritatively and was able to lead me to the solution scenarios of my case. Very good product at an economy price."

Cuneyt Urkun

United States

"I'll surely be a return customer if I need some advice or answers. One can go crazy searching for info on Dept of State and INS webpages...only to find no answer available. With you guys, I got my questions answered no prob. Time is money! Thanks"

Wade Hickok


"The problem facing any internet service today is deciding if the company is a genuine company, this can be extremely daunting, due to the flood of fraudulent Spam companies on the internet.

My first test on Visapro was to examine the honesty of the information on their site. I found their section on the Green card lottery to be 100% correct, and honest. I verified this at the official lottery site. Next I tried their on-line Attorney service once again the advice given was spot on giving me precise information on my question.

I would not hesitate to use their services again. Great work, good service, trustworthy, good price beat that."

Ronald Londei

United Arab Emirates

"I just wanted to thank VisaPro and specifically VisaPro Attorneys for the wonderful service they provide online and on the phone. It is one thing to read about immigration details, but this whole business being about people, the assurance and connection of speaking to a live person is still and will always be a much richer experience. The attorney has a very reassuring and knowledgeable manner in the way he provides advice on the phone.

It is also SOOOO convenient to be able to register for the site and have access to the message boards and learn about other's experiences and tips. In my opinion, if you are serious about your visa application, VisaPro is worth your time and money! Thank you VisaPro!"

Mal Pinlac


"Visapro is an excellent combination of well designed website and informative legal services, especially the punctuality of responses to my questions really made me feel that the reasonable fees were well spent.

Definitely will be back for further legal needs."

Huayu Zhang

United States

"I just want to acknowledge you for being so brilliant at communicating. This is definitely one of the best internet services I have ever usedů.."

Susan M.


"You're a saviour! Thanks a million for your help, this means so much to us. Really really appreciate your efforts."



"The best part about working with VisaPro is the personal attention and care they gave me. I wish them the best of luck for their future endeavors"

Ankur S.


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